Sample from BuyEssayNow: Money Can’t Buy Friends

Sample from BuyEssayNow: Money Can’t Buy Friends

Money Can’t Buy Friends

 Friendship has always been and will always be one kind of relationship a man cannot live without. As the saying goes, “No man is an island”. It can be pointed out that somehow, a man lives his life by having relationships.

Some people would contest that they are introverts, shy-type, or a very lonely person, but the truth is, everybody needs someone. And no matter how hard we deny it, friends are very much vital to a person’s mental, social, and emotional health.

The question now is, is it easy to find and keep a true friend?

It is not unknown to us that there are still a lot of people who are struggling to start a conversation, win a friend, and keep the relationship going. Sometimes, people find it easy to just hang around and talk, but nothing more in between. In fact, when you take time to notice, most people consider that their friends are those who are always near them, but when distance comes, friendship starts to shatter.

How do you consider that someone is a true and real friend then?

If you try to ask a 4 or 5-year-old kid, you will not be surprised but the answer is simple and honest. He or she can just say, “Oh, Shala is my friend because she shares with me dolly.” Or, “Ken is my friend because he gives me cookies when his mom bakes for him.”

As an adult, can we really answer the same?

It is true for many of us to have and keep real friends. But sad to say, it may be harder for some people to win this situation.

It is normal to think that if you have all good and lovable qualities, it would be easier for you to win friends. Most people think that persons such as celebrities, famous businessmen, and the likes have a much higher chance of people wanting them to be friends rather than people who are not so known.

When you try to look at one Instagram page of a famous actor, you would see millions of followers trying to get a glimpse of whatever photo or video this person will post in a day. Hundreds of people will try to comment on a post somehow expecting that this very important person will even notice them.

Some stories also tell many rich and famous people who are always with many parties and tons of people are dying to be just near them or talk to them at most. In this case, can we say that fame or fortune can give you real friendship?

Sad to say, having a friend and nurturing your relationship with each other has nothing to do with anything that someone has to offer. It should not matter whether you always buy him a drink or what whenever you to meet or decided to hang out. It is the mutual desire of both persons or people to spend time with each other without expecting anything in return. It is somehow related to how people treat their special someone. With real friendship, a person acts with effort and with love.

Money cannot buy you this kind of relationship. It can only help you so in nurturing it, but will never be the main reason why a person would stick to you and be devoted to love and always care for you as a friend.


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